The Rain Train

The next time the rain is thundering down on the roof at night, climb aboard the mysterious Rain Train - have your ticket clipped by the conductor, listen to the rhythm of the wheels and the sounds of the crossings, leave the lights and houses behind, and journey on into the dark, dark night.

Author's Comment

The Rain Train was written in one go (with many later revisions of course) one late rainy night, when the rest of the house was asleep. It was inspired by the overnight train journeys I made as a child with my parents, to visit my grandparents in the Wairarapa. I loved falling asleep to the sound and feel of the train clacking over the tracks. But, I also loved falling asleep to the sound of the rain on the roof. If only the two could be combined...

The Rain Train The Rain Train

Excerpt from The Rain Train

When the rain fingers drum out a dance on the pane
When the windows are foggy enough for my name
When it's thundering down on the roof, in the lane
From the storm comes the call...
"All Aboard the Rain Train!"


I love being nestled under the covers in our attic bedroom, listening to the rain arriving in the middle of the night. Through the sloped ceiling, just a few feet above my head, I can hear the first few drops of rain tap on the roof, and then a few more. Gradually it builds into a steady staccato, and then into gusts and torrents, and I pull the covers tighter against my chin and smile... read more
Richie Partington, February 2011

The Rain Train is a beautifully illustrated picture book that follows the journey of a train through the wintery night.
... The Rain Train will make a great addition to any child's bookshelf and is an entertaining combination of rhythmic text and vivid illustration that is sure to delight.
Natalie Crawford is a children's bookseller and freelance reviewer (from Bookseller + Publisher, August 2010)

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